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Bound for the Promised Land at the New Vic

The New Vic Theatre is excited to present an original production about the American journey of westward expansion.
Conceived by Managing Director and resident actor Jennifer Furney, Bound for the Promised Land: Women on the Westward Journey explores the trials, tribulations, expectations and joys experienced by women on the Oregon and California trails.
Many stories of the trails have been told in the more than one hundred fifty years since the great migration to the American West. Most of these stories have been from the perspective of the Men on the trail or simply about the facts and figures of the journey.  In Bound for the Promised Land: Women on the Westward Journey we will hear the story of the journey from the perspective of the women.
Over eight hundred diaries and journals written by the men and women on the trails west have been published. In this play with music we will meet six of the women who kept a written account of their time. These stories will be told by New Vic veteran actors Heidi Cernik, Kim Dunham, Deb Koppers, Jennifer Furney, Jocelyn Furney and in her New Vic stage debut, Jaclyn Furney.
The words are read directly from the actual diaries and journals kept by these women. In general, the nineteenth-century diary was treated as a kind of keepsake, meant to be handed down through the generations, much like a family Bible. The overland diary was a different kind of keepsake meant to be published in newspapers and shared with others planning to make the journey. Often these contained specific information about routes, where to feed and water cattle and other information about the route. Such diaries seldom contained personal thoughts and feelings. The stories of the six women in Bound for the Promised Land: Women on the Westward Journey were chosen because of the different perspective they bring to traditional stories of the journey. These women saw things differently from the men on the trail and they reveal an aspect of this period in American History that Furney believes to be valuable. Where so much of the daily life of nineteenth-century women has disappeared from our view, these journals have made the lives of these women accessible.
Joining the cast of Bound for the Promised Land: Women on the Westward Journey are James Furney and Wes Garman. Jim and Wes will be providing traditional songs from the era as well as beautifully underscoring the readings of these remarkable women and their stories.
Bound for the Promised Land: Women on the Westward Journey opens August 15 and plays Fridays and Saturdays through September 27. Please note that there will be no performances August 29 & 30. Park Club dinner/theatre evenings are Friday, September 5 and Saturday September 13.
Don’t forget the NEW CURTAIN TIME! All performances are at 8:00 P.M. and tickets after opening night are $25.00 each.

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